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The Consequences of Putting Off Hail Damage Repair

hail damage repair

According to the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration, hail causes about $1 billion in property damage each year. And in 2017, Texas was the state with the most hail/wind losses. So, if you are among the 23% of homeowners who admit they never have their roof inspected or only inspect it if they notice a problem -- and you happen to live in Texas -- you might encounter some serious issues with your home. The consequences of ignoring hail damage or abstaining from hail damage repair are no joke. Let's take a closer look at the importance of roof repair after a hail storm.

Water Damage

Roofing shingles make up an important system that acts as your home's first defense against moisture. During a hail storm, these solid, high-velocity balls of ice can displace shingles, breaking the seal and allowing water to get into the home. Avoiding hail damage repair can lead to water damage, allowing mold growth that presents a serious threat to the health of the home's residents.

Heating and Cooling

Cracked and displaced shingles also leave weak spots in the home's insulation, providing a quick exit for the warm air you desperately need inside during the cooler months. As your HVAC system works harder to make up for that lost heat, your utility bills will likely skyrocket.


The good news is that hail damage is covered by homeowner’s insurance policies. The bad news is that any additional damage caused by waiting to get hail damage repairs is not. Typically, insurance companies maintain that it is the homeowner’s responsibility to take action in order to prevent subsequent damage. In other words, if you wait too long before contacting roofing contractors to fix your roof, you might end up paying an arm and a leg to clean up mold growth and water damage.

Roofing companies like JAC Roofing and Exteriors are ready to take your call following a hail storm. Don't wait to fix roof damage; get assistance right away. There is no repair job too small for JAC whether you're in need of hail damage repair, siding installation, or gutter cleaning and maintenance.

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Due to hail damage the roof of my garage was badly broken from the edges but roof repair west park experts came out and repaired it within two days.

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