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How to Proactively Protect Your Roof this Spring

roof repair

Large hailstones. Freezing snow. High winds. Sheeting rain. Lightning bolts. Alien invasion. You get it. Your roof takes a thrashing all year, no matter the season or reason. Roof care is critical, yet often remains one of those things that doesn't get much thought until after something dire happens. Glamorous? No. Essential? Yes!

With severe storms heading for homes across the nation this spring, homeowners should consider the condition their roofs are in now, and the condition they may be in after the storm passes.

Once the danger has blown over, roof repair or roof replacement may be in order. Should you need hail damage repair, roof leak repair, roofing shingles, or even a complete rebuild, a reputable roofing company can save your home.

  • After the storm and its aftermath, protect your home from the next storm by taking proactive steps:

  • With routine use, your roof should be inspected at least once a year. Mark that next inspection on your calendar now.

  • Max out the capacity of your gutter system. Every 30 to 40 linear feet of gutter requires one downspout. Clogged gutters are a major cause of basement flooding. Have your gutter and downspout systems checked during your inspection.

  • For all inspection and repair services, be sure to hire locally based roofing companies that are fully insured.

  • Check your insurance. Many homeowners lack a clear understanding of how their insurance policy works and what is covers. Schedule an appointment with your insurance agent to learn the details. You may be surprised to discover what roof repair services are covered, and which may not be. According to Angie's List, "A reputable roofing company will provide documentation of their insurance policy and their insurance company will confirm that they are insured for the amount they claim."

The bottom line: Avoid putting off roof maintenance until after the elements strike. Find yourself a good roofing company and have all siding, gutters, roofing and shingles blessed. Ensure you have adequate insurance that will provide peace of mind and save you major headaches down the road!

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